Tom of Finland

What do Tom of Finland's real men smell like?
Osmia and Finlayson have collaborated to develop three new products for Tom of Finland, for which Osmia has developed a fascinating fragrance. All products have the same name fragrance and the products are handmade at the Osmia factory in Herttoniemi.

Pasi Väistö, who was responsible for designing the fragrance, says:
"It's the characteristic and captivating scent of a real man, based on earth, hay plants and a touch of birch bark. The natural scent is relaxing and suitable as a room fragrance for all seasons. This scent, which is largely composed of essential oils, also includes a touch of patchouli and ambergris, which exude the same masculine appeal as the characters created by Tom of Finland."

Kiasma 28.4 - 29.10.2023:

Showcasing the works and life story of Tom of Finland, one of the world’s best-known Finnish artists.